Meet Melissa And Sean

We started Pandora Adventures with the intention of promoting community and conservation in the outdoors.

Through years of sharing our thoughts and interests with like minded outdoor enthusiast and learning from others we believe that the key to achieving our goal is to nurture the Caring Capacity in individuals.

Sean Sykora
Age 40

Sean is the oldest of three siblings. He discovered his love for the outdoors at a very young age through scouting where he achieved Eagle Scout status. Sean is skilled in Extreme 4x4 Rock Crawling, Overland Expeditions, Enduro Cross Country motorcycle riding, biking, hiking and kayaking. His passion for adventure has taken him to some of the most remote places in the world, including Enduro riding in South America, The Baja Peninsula, Canyon Lands National Park, Moab, UT. and the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

Sean founded “Pandora Adventures” in 2010 with the passion to share his twenty plus years of experience off-roading through custom guided tours aimed at bringing the sport to other enthusiast. Sean is a graduate of Texas State University. Sean’s also is an fervent entrepreneur, inventor and operates his successful business in Houston, TX. He has been married to his wife Melissa for twelve years who shares his love of adventure.

Melissa Sykora
Age 40

Melissa also showed a genuine passion for travel at an early age. Melissa participated in an Exchange Student program that allowed her to study abroad in the United Kingdom her sophomore year in High School. Melissa has visited 22 U.S. States and territories, Mexico, Italy, Israel, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria and Canada. Her love for travel is also coupled with a passion for experiencing different cultures and cuisines, as well as exploring small towns, and meeting new people.

Melissa graduated from Christian Brothers University in Memphis, TN. and has continues to sharpen her skills in organization, team building, and management. Melissa always brings her vivacious personality, which brings comradery and fun to every Pandora Adventure trip.