Lizard Skin Review

We at Pandora Adventures first learned about the product through our friends over at Javier’s Autos Unlimited / Gulf Coast Crawl Shop. Javier and his guys are a great bunch of individuals always willing to lend a hand. These guys do some really custom stuff end when it comes to builds or custom jobs they are 5 the guys to call.

Like many of our customers and fellow wheelers out there we all know the consequences of bigger lift and bigger… Although in some cases it may improve the ride and up the performance of the rig in most cases it always results in more road noise. Well, for some of the trailer queens this is not a problem but for those of us wanting to boost the performance of our daily driver while trying not to injure the wife’s or the kids hearing it can be a problem). I’m currently running 35” tires and 4.56 gearing with a 6″ lift. Now a 35″ tire is a lot of tire for a daily driver, especially when you are running mud terrains or an aggressive tread pattern.

After speaking to Javier about wanting to try and deaden some of the road noise he recommended that we try a product that they have had a lot of luck with. Now I drive an FJ Cruiser. So I had a lot of surface area and a lot of seams and crevices to cover. I was not excited about having to spend forever cuffing and pasting the surface of the FJ like I have done in the past with other products. Also, I did not want to add a horn of weight to the vehicle. Another issue we wanted to try and solve was cuffing down the heat penetration from the roof area like most SUY’s ….especially since we are here in Houston, TX. Javier immediately said he had the product for us to try. They told us they commonly use the heat reduction formula called ceramic insulation on their buggy/buggy builds to reduce the heat coming off the headers through the foot pedal bay. After hours and hours of hitting the trails it’s pretty easy to melt a pair of boots or lose a few pounds in the feet. They told us that will this ceramic insulation the heat reduction was amazing and that we would not believe the results.