"When we at Pandora Adventures say we test products its not just with a cruise through the trails. Anyone that knows us at Pandora Adventures knows that if it is built to last then we want to prove it and we want to run it on our rigs. We are out on the trails twice a month for days at a time and sometimes more. We encounter rocks, mud, water, sand, etc. It’s not easy to make a product …in stand the test of all the elements nature gives throws at us but we are always looking to test the ones that say they can. We put our vehicles through the test and the components that are on them. After all, we rely on our components and gear to get us and our customers to our destination and home in one pieces or our mission is not completed. That includes everything from our suspensions to our recovery gear. If we say we back it you better believe n something you can rely on."

Lizard Skin Review

May 23, 2018

We at Pandora Adventures first learned about the product through our friends over at Javier’s Autos Unlimited / Gulf Coast Crawl Shop. Javier and his guys are a great bunch of individuals always willing to lend a hand. These guys do some really custom stuff end when it comes to builds or custom jobs they […]

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